‘Stephen Giles’ I am so proud of you, your gentle and compassionate healing method assisting with your other beautiful abilities, with your natural connection to the crystal kingdom and unconditional love, I know everyone who comes into your path with feel relaxed allowing them on their deep releasing shadow healing journey..So proud of you!

You are a Bright Star. Your reading brought me inner peace. I don’t tend to get flustered THAT BADLY too often…but at that particular time…it seemed as though the old saying “what can go wrong will” was being applied to my life. Wishing you a wonderful, wonderful day filled with love, laughter and chocolate!

So in tune, very informative, calm, intuitive and has a heart of gold. Not only will Stephen give you a reading but he will coach and guide you, teaching you along the way. Steve helped guide me through a house cleansing and helped equip me with the skill and tools to do it myself in the future. If you’re contemplating reaching out for advice or help don’t hesitate!

Recently I experienced a sound healing evening held by Stephen, it was indescribable but I’ll do my best – the sound began slowly and pleasantly and then filled the room, I actually ‘saw’ some of the sounds as lights hovering over me and I flew with them, soaring to amazing depths and heights… it was brilliant

When I first met Stephen nearly three years ago, I was not in a good place at all. My 14 year relationship had ended and I face life without my partner, and also their family who I considered to be my best friends and had become more important to me than my own family. I was completely lost and suicidal and extremely self destructive. I had a choice, of ending my life or asking a complete stranger for help. I had Reiki in the past from a different practitioner and knew that it would help me but I also needed someone who could deal with the level of emotions I was dealing with. Stephen was that person. We have done several healing sessions over the three years, and let me say some of them were very emotionally painful and I was lovingly pushed to my limits. But Stephen was on hand whenever I needed him to support me when I felt I couldn’t support myself. Let me say this about healing, it is not a quick fix it will take as much time as it needs to it can be very painful and very confronting. Stephen will be brutally honest at times and you may not like what he is telling you (mainly because you don’t want to or aren’t ready to face your truth!) But I can guarantee it could be weeks or months down the track and his words will ring true because you are finally in a place of understanding. But what he is saying comes from the highest good of honesty and love. He is someone that I trusted and trust with my life, and with his support and help I am proud of the person I have become, which is a far cry from the one that walked through his door all that time ago.

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