From the age of Eight I suffered from panic and anxiety attacks, I was bullied at primary & high school and contemplated suicide more than once. In 1998 my life changed rather dramatically and I began to look at life in a different way. I took a long look at myself and decided to change who I was and how I saw myself. I now use the tools I’ve been given & learned, to now help others live their lives differently. I work with many different modalities to treat those seeking relief from their fears and limiting beliefs.

I believe that everyone needs an environment of thoughtfulness, caring, compassion and understanding. A caring practitioner learns to be a good listener, teacher and speaker of knowledge and wisdom and provides meaningful forgiveness to those seeking peace within themselves. I believe being able to help others, is a blessed and honoured position to hold, and one I take very seriously. I truly wish nothing more than to offer deep and meaningful help to those who are looking to awaken to who they really are. This is who I am.


Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Shamanic Crystal Practitioner, Spectrum/Energy Practitioner, Vibrational/Sound Practitioner, Spiritual Practitioner, Tarot & Oracle Card Reading‚Äč, Psychomentry, ‚ÄčNeuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness & Awareness, Suicide Prevention.

Ying Yang

Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Reiki, Sound & Crystal Practitioner

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